Listening To Stories: Practicing Cultural Rhetorics Pedagogy

Listening to Stories: Practicing Cultural Rhetorics Pedagogy

by Christina V. Cedillo, Victor Del Hierro, Lisa Michelle King, Jessie Male, Staci Perryman-Clark, Andrea Riley-Mukavetz, and Amy Vidali

"[A cultural rhetorics practice] means to consider your own story, and how your position contributes to your understanding of that story, but it also means to consider all the other stories that aren’t being told, or aren’t be heard, or aren’t being heard by the majority. It asks—is anything sacred?"

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Rasquache Rhetorics: A Cultural Rhetorics Sensibility

Rasquache Rhetorics: a cultural rhetorics sensibility

by Kelly Medina-López

"Rasquache as cultural rhetorics theory and practice presents a robust approach to meaning making by allowing users to pull from the compendium of theories, ideas, experiences, tangible tools, and intangible epistemologies they can access. Recycling, upcycling, making do, and making new meaning through whatever is available is an explicit performance of rasquache."

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