The constellations pedagogy blog is a curated space dedicated to short form discussions about pedagogy and cultural rhetorics. It explores pedagogical questions, ideas, practices, calls to action, and rants related to cultural rhetorics. Cultural rhetorics pedagogy engages with many different strands of inquiry, including critical race theory, Indigenous studies, disability studies, feminist theory, and more, bringing them together in a move identified by Powell et al. (2014) as constellating.

The pedagogy blog is interested in publishing short pieces that explore these themes, working toward responses to questions such as:

  • What is the cultural importance of teaching–and where, and how, and by whom? How do teachers and teaching shape cultural rhetorics?
  • What cultural practices do teachers invoke and perform when they teach?
  • What is the value of teaching for those who study cultural rhetorics?
  • How does cultural rhetorics pedagogy navigate and embody constellating strands of rhetorical inquiry?

The pedagogy blog is reviewed by the blog’s editors Margaret Price and Chad Iwertz and the editorial team. Send queries or pedagogy blog submissions to and express interest in having the work be for the blog. Please limit submissions to no more than 1,000 words.