constellations is an online double-blind peer-reviewed publishing space featuring cultural rhetorics scholarship, teaching, and practice. The field of cultural rhetorics is anchored in storytelling and in building and honoring relationships, and in the belief that all cultures are rhetorical and all rhetorics are cultural. This belief forms a set of constellating methodologies, theories, and practices that draw attention to the intricate ways meaning emerges in human practices. Because cultural rhetorics scholarship doesn’t always fit within the boundaries of traditional academic journals, presses, and online forums, constellations provides a home for traditional articles of 4000-6000 words or the equivalent multimodal pieces, “new ideas” pieces, teaching conversation pieces, and forms we haven’t imagined yet.

constellations as a publishing space invites submissions from scholars, teachers, artists, activists, and community members. The content of the work accepted focuses on cultural rhetorics theories, methodologies and methods, histories, pedagogies, cultures, power, knowledge, and meaning-making practices. constellations encourages non-traditional pieces, particularly those that push boundaries of style, form, content, and media in their composition and presentation.

Traditional and non-traditional works are welcome from various disciplines and areas: African American, African, and Black Studies, American Indian & Indigenous Studies, Asian & Pacific American Studies, Chicanx/Latinx Studies, Postcolonial & Decolonial Studies, Queer, Gender & Women’s Studies, Disability Studies, Performance & Embodiment Studies, Working-class Studies, Transnational and Translingual Studies, and more. 

At constellations we adhere to and support the “Anti-Racist Scholarly Reviewing Practices: A Heuristic for Editors, Reviewers, and Authors” as well as the “Position Statement on Citation Justice in Rhetoric, Composition, and Writing Studies.” We also strive to follow the recommendations presented on the “Statement on Editorial Ethics.” We publish work on a rolling submissions basis. We receive submissions year-round and publish work whenever it is ready. If you are uncertain whether a piece is right for us, feel free to contact us.  Questions and inquiries are welcome at constell8cr@gmail.com